Big B Online Design

Websites capture attention - Content captures sales

Design is one of the world’s most capturing influences in almost anything, from advertising to labelling your identity.  If you want to catch the eye of the consumer, then you need to be striking enough.  This can very from a smart corporate look to a more relaxed informal look.

That in turn depends on which market you are focusing on.  The World Wide Web is constantly changing and upgrading its look. Companies are starting to take a more upbeat approach to their own look and feel.  A free and open look is becoming a distinct trend, this is bringing a new edge to design with the well known saying “less is more”.

As we have learned through trial and error and extensive research, companies doing great on the internet are those who keep the design simple and content informative.  It is of great importance to make sure that your web page layout is understandable to the public and easy to access and fast loading. 

This is what we at Big B Online Design are all about.  Giving you, the customer, exactly what you want, and making it work on the World Wide Web (internet).

Our Navigation is hopefully logical and easy to follow. Learn a little about us, and more specifically about you and your company. We are more than happy to steer you in the right direction if what you want is beyond our capabilities too. Running over 100 of our own sites has ensured that we have lots of contacts who can cope with almost any situation.

We really look forward to hearing from you. Having a passion for design is one thing, but doing something with that passion for someone else is what's really fulfilling.